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Tetovo – A City Of Sports Development

Tetovo – A City of Sports Development

Young people have always been the first and most important fans of sports, and those most surrounded by it. In its history, the city of Tetovo has traces of successful sports clubs, and although today the popularity of sport in this city has decreased, Tetovo and its youth still cherish these sports.


Volleyball as the main hobby and first love of the female sports youth has Bami Kor as its most famous club in this city. Established by Bami Kor Medika in September 1998, the club is still engaged in training young talents and future top players. With constant competitions and maintaining high results, Bami Kor remains an active and important member of the sports life in this city.

In the field of football in Tetovo, there are several football clubs involved, but the one that young football players often choose is FC Teteks. With its formation in 2011, until today this football club with its training can often be seen on the football fields of Tetovo in a competitive or training version. And in whichever version they are seen, the hard work and strong desire of the members is always noticeable.

Handball as a sport in this city is mostly spread through the Baltepe handball club, which every year receives more and more members and young people with the desire to turn this sport into a hobby and, furthermore, perhaps a main occupation.

These three sports have the first three places on the list in our city, and young interested athletes, despite the limited opportunities, are constantly progressing and turning their strong will into a real result with each new match, increasing the development of the sport and returning its true glory in this city.

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