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A Fun Summer In Germany For You To Spend

A Fun Summer in Germany for You to Spend

EURO 2024 is right around the corner. And who doesn’t want to spend a nice summer watching football with your family or friends? Oh, but you don’t know anything about football or the EUROs. Let me give you a guide for the EUROs this year.

The EURO this year is hosted in Germany. There will be 6 groups of 4 countries in which the top 2 countries go directly through and also the 3rd placed country can still go through if they have a bigger point tally than the other countries of the other groups.

Photo taken by:Allianz Arena

Well, we got through where it will be played, and its format. So now it’s time to tell you who are the favorites to win the tournament, the cost and the history. First, let’s go with history. The first tournament was played in the year 1960 in France. There were 17 countries and the final was played between the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, in which the Soviet Union won 2-1. That was their first and only title. The other winners of the tournament are: Spain-3, Germany-3, Italy-2, France-2, Netherlands-1, Greece-1, Czechoslovakia-1, Denmark-1, and Portugal-1.

Macedonia also competed in the last EURO for the first time.

Photo taken by:Soccer Bible

Every EURO tournament has more and more expensive tickets but it really depends where you sit. If you sit at the fans first seats and you buy your tickets from there you will pay anywhere around 60-95 euros, this also depends on which match you’re watching. You can get a three-four star hotel for 3 days for about 900 euros for 3 adults. The weather will be nice, it will hover around 27-32 degrees Celsius, depending on the city.

The favorites for the tournament this year are England, France, and the host Germany. But there are also other strong nations like Italy, Spain,Croatia,Belgium and The Netherlands.

Photo taken by: Times of Malta

Man, I love this tournament. There’s the end for this one. Thank you for reading and I hope I helped you and have a great summer filled with football.

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