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Iranian Women

Iranian Women

Living as an Iranian woman is difficult in every sphere of life!

Early marriages and frequent deliveries

Early marriage is a very common practice in Iranian villages. In some cases, poor families force their daughters to quit school to get married. Girls, after their marriages get pregnant, sometimes give birth to 12 kids at a very young age.  In 2016 there were some statistics on the National Statistics Center of Iran, that more than 37,430 girls were married at 10 years old. In rural places girls from poor families are actually sold to unwanted marriages, at a very young age they are obligated to get married, have kids, and to lose their opportunities!

Living like slaves

Rural Iranian girls play the slave role in their living circle, they have to do every kind of work daily. Starting from bringing wood to their homes, bringing water, mending the tent and also, they have to do the housework. From a very young age, girls drop out of school when they start to learn every kind of work because they will need it when they will become housewives. They do the agricultural business and economy of the village without being paid. Rural women of Iran begin their work before sunrise and sleep after everyone else has gone to bed.

They start taking care of their fathers and brothers from a young age, they forget about their skills to become someone in life. Iranian girls start learning to do every kind of work from their mothers: how to do the cleaning, how to cook, wash clothes, milk the cow, and bring water and wood. They learn how to make animal products and do handcraft

They literally live to serve!

Mahsa Amini’s death

On 16 September 2022 an innocent girl named Mahsa Amini, died in hospital in Tehran under suspicious circumstances. The religious morality police of Iran’s government, arrested Amini for not wearing the hijab in accordance with government standards.

She was beaten by the morality police of Iran’s government, the government says that the law is Islamic and after not enough education, people trust this propaganda that are happening. Islam never says women should be morally controlled, Islam never says that women are forced to wear hijab unwanted, Islam doesn’t say women are born to serve to the masculine gender. What Islam says is that women are born to be respected, that they are the blessings. Mahsa Amini’s death was something that shocked the World and even every type of law that is going on in Iran is shocking.

People must be aware of what is happening and what Iranian women are going through!

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