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Pray For Turkey And Syria

Pray for Turkey and Syria

It’s now been several weeks since the first huge earthquake has hit Turkey and Syria. Ever since then it has not shown any signs of stopping continuing on with its side quakes that still, besides the name, are with a big frequency.

The magnitude 7.8 earthquake left entire villages destroyed, with people seeking shelter in nearby cities and towns. The government was quick to respond, setting up emergency relief camps for those displaced by the disaster. Local volunteers also mobilized to help their fellow citizens; transportation, food, drinking water and medical supplies were provided to those in need.

Though aid is being provided, many issues remain unresolved. Food shortages are becoming increasingly common as supplies from other regions are slow to arrive due to damaged roads and transportation infrastructure. In addition, electricity outages have caused problems with communication systems and other necessities such as healthcare services.

Though earthquakes are a natural occurrence that cannot be prevented or predicted beforehand, there have been calls for better safety measures and improved disaster response plans in Turkey.

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