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Summer: The Unbearable Hell

Summer: The Unbearable Hell

Some of you may have seen the title and thought “What do you mean, summer is my favorite season” or something along those lines. Now I get it, vacations, festivals, road trips, swimming, cold drinks, revealing clothes are some good attributes of summer, but in this article, I’ll be specifically speaking about its god-awful heat.

These past few years I’ve noticed a horrendous increase in heat during summer. I couldn’t go 10 minutes without drenching myself in sweat during the day. Now I wondered why that is. Turns out it’s part of the biggest problem the world has ever faced, Climate Change.

The world has gotten 1.1° Celsius hotter since 1880 according to NASA scientists. Now you might be thinking “That’s no big deal what’s 1° Celsius gonna do” well we only need about 2 more till the effects are irreversible.

Some of you might be saying “I’ve noticed more rain” or “It’s a bit cold on some days” that too is part of climate change. It completely imbalances the weather. Sometimes making it snow in spring and sunny in winter. Climate change causes droughts, storms, heatwaves and more weather phenomena.

Currently there are no solutions to climate change. And there won’t be one until we finally get enough funding to the right groups of people so that our planet can exist and keep existing without worry.

We’ve lost so much to climate change and we will keep losing. We don’t have much time. Some people decide not to have kids and start families because they don’t want their children to live on this dying planet. But please hold out hope and spread awareness. Maybe some billionaire out there (Elon Musk) will finally do something to save this planet with his vast amounts of cash that he won’t be able to spend in 100 lifetimes.

Now go out and enjoy your summer, knowing that it all will fall apart if the right actions aren’t taken. Take care!

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