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Empowering Women Protagonists

Empowering Women Protagonists

In the rich tapestry of literature, talented female writers have introduced us to many beautiful characters. They’ve taught us about life, love, education, and mannerisms. In honor of March and Women’s Day, I will dedicate this article to some of the most inspiring women characters in books, written by women.

  • Hermione Granger (Harry Potter Series, J.K. Rowling, 1997-2007)

One of my personal favorite characters; Hermione. She places a high value on education and knowledge as the main pillars of her character while being courageous, loyal and a hard-working student.

Her character also emphasizes the value of friendship and standing up against injustice. Young teens all around the world look up to her as a source of motivation, striving to be resilient in their academics and loyal in their friendships as Hermione suggests doing so. She is a great leader in challenging situations, shining on her bravery when her trio friend group needs it most. The character played in the action movie by Emma Watson deserves to be mentioned as well. Emma is the perfect example that we, as teens, should look up to, characterized by the same values as Hermione.

  • Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë, 1847)

In old times, societal norms suggested that women shouldn’t participate in voting, to choose their partner, or to educate themselves. Jane Eyre did the complete opposite; she challenged traditional gender roles. She strove for equality and refused to be held back by restrictive gender expectations.

She is guided by a strong sense of moral integrity. Throughout the story, she continuously refuses to compromise her principles and values, passing through personal challenges as well. Emotional depth, compassion, empathy and perseverance show her endurance through all the hardships she faces.

Jane is an avid reader that constantly seeks to expand her knowledge. Her desire for learning contributes to her personal development and helps her navigate various situations in her life.

What other female characters inspired you in life? Leave a comment on your thoughts about female characters and their impact on our life below!

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