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Two Important Reasons People Don’t Read Books

Two Important Reasons People Don’t Read Books

People nowadays don’t read books. There are several reasons why they don’t. They are distracted from digital devices because they find them more interesting, they have a busy lifestyle which makes it hard to find time for reading.

The main reason and the most important one why people don’t read books is:

They didn’t start reading from a young age.

Here  are several factors why some people don’t develop a habit of reading from a young age:

  • Technology and Digital Distractions – The widespread use of digital devices has created forms of entertainment that compete with the traditional way of reading.
  • Educational System Challenges- If the school does not prioritize or encourage kids to read, they may not develop a positive thinking about books.
  • Lack of Acces to Books – Not all young people have access to various types of books, which may be the cause they do not read much.
  • Learning Disabilities or Reading Challenges – Some kids may have trouble reading or learning that makes reading more difficult and not enjoyable.
  • Busy schedule and Overloaded Activities-Many children have a lack of free time because of their busy schedules.

You may say that it’s the parents fault that kids don’t develop a habit of reading from a young age. But, it’s not accurate or fair to place blame on parents for a child’s reading habits. They do play a crucial role, but they are not the determinants of a child’s behavior.

There are several factors that contribute to a child’s relationship with books and it’s not always parents.

Children shape their interests and habits from their community, school, media etc. All children have different personalities and learning styles. Some children naturally gravitate toward books while others may prefer different forms.

As we said earlier that digital devices are a reason people don’t read books, some people prefer reading from their phones or their other devices.

Here are common reasons why reading from phones is popular:

  • Convenience – Phones allow people to carry a library of books in their pockets. This allows them to read whenever or wherever.
  • Multi-functionality – People prefer reading from their phones because they can do multiple other things while being on their phones such as: checking emails, replying to messages, etc.
  • Instant Access to Information – Readers can look up unfamiliar terms or search for something related to that book.
  • Social Sharing and Discussion – Many reading apps allow people to share their thoughts, favorite quotes or highlights. This can enhance their reading experience.
  • Cost Considerations – Books online are often more cost-effective than physical books.

Today many people also use the device called Kindle. It’s an electronic device designed and marketed by Amazon for the purpose of reading e-books.


Overall, reading books is important because they provide us valuable knowledge, help us develop critical thinking and explore different perspectives.

Books can inspire, entertain and educate us.

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