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Meet Virginia Woolf

Meet Virginia Woolf

March is the national woman’s history month.

In honor of feminism we are going to be talking about a well known feminist writer Virginia Woolf.

Virginia Woolf was born in January 25 1882 in Kensington, London, she came from a wealthy family, her parents were Julia Stephen and Leslie Stephen and she also had three full siblings and four half siblings since her parents had kids in previous marriages.

She is an iconic feminist in pop culture and in academic circles.

She has written Orlando in which she describes the struggle between genders, she has also written A Room of One’s Own, which was Virginia Woolf’s first book about feminism in which she dwelled on women and literature and also described the difficulties they had encountered.

Virginia Woolf was married to Leonard Woolf. Since Leonard was a caretaker and Virginia was fragile, they stayed together. Leonard was controlling, and Virginia felt caged, however, Leonard allowed Virginia her love affair with Vita, and Virginia never doubted her marriage would go on.

Even after her success in writing and probably due to her unhappy marriage to Leonard, Virginia was dealing with depression and mental illness. She made a lot of suicide attempts.

Virginia Woolf died by drowning herself, she filled her pockets with stones and walked in the river Ouse.

Here is one of Virginia Woolf’s quotes: “You cannot find peace by avoiding life.”

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