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90s Melodies: A Club Member’s Perspective

90s Melodies: A Club Member’s Perspective

In the beautiful era of the 90s, music was an important and central role for many different tastes of people, especially for young art lovers who were influenced  not only in music but also in fashion, politics, and a whole youth culture. Art in the 90s is known as a powerful platform and social message for audiences that were looking for representation and empowerment.


I flew deeper into this wonderful era of music where I had the privilege to interview Agron Idrizi (my music teacher) who is a member (Bass guitarist) of an Albanian rock band formed in Tetovo, called  ELITA 5.


His enthusiasm for the 90s music scene and his involvement in the club means a lot for that era and even for today because artistic influences like that captivated youth during that decade. And also it means a lot for music too, throughout history, music has been an inspiration and a connection for many people across the globe.




Now, let’s take a look at my interview with Agron Idrizi, as he shares his experiences and reflections on this beautiful arts era. We gained a deeper understanding of the significance of music during the transformative decade of the 90s.

Take a look at the following questions and at the answers I got:


How did you start your music career ?

Agron: The beginnings of my music career involved recording and later releasing my first music albums, followed by numerous concerts in Albanian territories and abroad in the diaspora…


What musical and cultural influences do you consider to have had the greatest impact during those years?

Agron: The musical influences during the 90s were diverse, encompassing various music genres ranging from catchy pop tunes, pop-rock rhythms, to electronic music…


What was the most significant or emotional moment in your career during the 90s?

Agron: There were many important and emotional moments, but I would highlight our first music recital at the cultural center in Tetovo and undoubtedly our participation as special guests at the song festival in Albania in December 1994…


How would you describe the music scene of the 90s? What were the distinctive trends or groups that dominated at that time?

Agron: The music scene of the 90s was diverse, with numerous artistic activities throughout the decade. The trends that dominated among the art-loving public were the many concerts and events held in squares and stadiums in front of hundreds and thousands of people… Most notably during that period, numerous rock music groups stood out, injecting a great deal of adrenaline into the public.

What was your process of creation and performance during those years?

The main process that gave us motivation and inspiration to move forward was the beautiful music together with highly meaningful and profound lyrics, which, besides entertaining, conveyed high educational messages to the vast youth of that time…


What challenges did you face as a member of a music group during the 90s?

Agron: Challenges were numerous during those years, ranging from the difficulties of management and organization of evenings and concerts everywhere in Albanian territories and in the diaspora, to bureaucratic and institutional obstacles to the normal development of artistic activities, but they were overcome with patience and calmness, giving us the strength and courage to continue our musical activities…


Can you share a special memory from your concerts and activities from that period until now?

Agron: There are many memorable moments from all of our musical activities, but I would highlight our first grand concert at the “Qemal Stafa” stadium in Tirana in May 1996, where we felt the main impact of the Albanian public’s enthusiasm…


What are your personal feelings about the music and culture of the 90s, and how do you think they have been received by future generations?

My personal feelings are numerous, certainly dominated by positive ones, of joy, pleasure, happiness, and pride, but I think above all, the feeling of personal and professional fulfillment as an established artist who has left his mark on the musical pentagram… I am fully convinced that to present and future generations, we will leave a valuable artistic and musical legacy that will accompany them throughout their lives…

There are a lot more to share with you but I’ll include them in short points:

He mentioned that membership in the music band had a profoundly positive and harmonious influence, becoming an internal spiritual motivator to create beautiful music that would withstand the test of time. The consistent involvement in musical activities strengthened him both professionally and personally.


He also said that looking back from a temporal distance of several decades, he can confidently say that they feel immensely proud to have fully achieved their initial goals as a music group and continue tirelessly producing artistic values that prevail over time.

And about his opinion on their musical legacy he said: “Our musical legacy on a professional level undoubtedly consists of our music albums and countless concerts that best showcase our artistic activities during those years and up to now. However, our most important legacy is the internal spiritual one that the audience bestows upon us with the unwavering love, admiration, and undying loyalty from the beginning until now”.

As you can see, music in the 90s had many influences, and we can even say it influences today’s music. What are your opinions? Do you think music today is influenced by the 90s?

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