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The Supreme Art: Cinema

The Supreme Art: Cinema

There are several types of art. Painting, Sculpting, Literature, Music, Theater, Architecture, and the newest form of art, and, in my opinion, the king of them all, Cinema.

There are several reasons why Cinema is the greatest art form. Economically it would be tied for 1st place with the music industry with a total of $26 billion in yearly revenue (Numbers from 2022 statistics)

(Music industry revenue, Digital Music News)


Although pre-pandemic the global box office reached almost double what it is now at a total of $40+ billion.

(Global Box Office revenue, Box Office Pro)


Another reason would be the incorporation of all other forms of art. You cannot have a sculpture produce music, nor could a painting. You couldn’t paint using words. You cannot have a beautiful architecture in the notes of a composition. But you can have every form of art incorporated into a movie. A composer and their orchestra compose the music for a film, an architect designs the movie sets, and an author writes the script. All and every art form/artist can work on a film set. This brings me to my last point.

Because every art form can be incorporated into a film that also sets a kind of power hierarchy. The painter, the architect, the sculptor, the actor, and the musician, all of them work for the director, and the only people the director works for are investors or producers. Nothing could compare to Cinema as an art. Just by being able to incorporate all art forms gives it the same impact of those art forms and on top of that the impact a film can carry through cinematography.

There is a whole world of movies a man can watch, and it is very difficult to catch up and keep up. Art as a whole should be appreciated and enjoyed, that is its purpose after all. And one way of enjoying all art is by watching cinema.

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