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Pegasus’ November Workshops

Pegasus’ November Workshops

Throughout a time span of 21 years, Pegasus ELS has grown into a digital and paperless school, promoting creative approaches in English language learning, both onsite and online. There have been a variety of activities, including: school plays, field trips, workshops, escape rooms, a school garden, shadow puppet theater, and even coding workshops. Every month, the school organizes workshops for different ages. This month, there were 2 workshops.

  1. Young Royal Detectives Escape Hunt – The Missing Crown, for children aged 5-9.

Students were invited to do an investigation searching for the Queen’s missing crown. They had to solve a series of puzzles and riddles to find the key that would take them to the crown. These kinds of activities are adapted to the level suitable for the age groups they are intended for, which help to develop students’ problem solving skills, their ability to work in teams, and their ability to make effective decisions within a short period of time.


2. The Time Trap Escape Room with Enola Holmes, for students aged 10-12 and 13-18.

This workshop was inspired by the famous Netflix movie: “Enola Holmes”. Sherlock Holmes invited the students to help him find his missing sister, Enola Holmes. They discovered that she had been trapped in a time hole and in order to help her escape, they had to decipher secret messages and find the key to save her.

In discussion with our head teacher Pero, he informed us that there will surely be another escape room before winter break. Will you join us next time?

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