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Pegasus’ Chocolate Factory Escape Room

Pegasus’ Chocolate Factory Escape Room

This Halloween, Pegasus hosted a chocolate factory Escape Room based off of the popular movie “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory”. It was an Escape Room like no other, it had puzzles, games, teamwork, its very own Willy Wonka and the best of all, chocolate! The Escape Room was directed to the younger audience who had a blast while solving all the puzzles and getting the golden ticket which got them tons of sweets. It started off as the kids sneaked into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory in search of candies, but they got locked in with no escape.

The only way to escape was to solve Willy’s candy-based puzzles and challenges. The types of challenges in this escape room contributed to the development of the following soft skills:

  • creative thinking
  • communication skills
  • time management skills
  • improves concentration
  • attention to details
  • teamwork
  • problem-solving
  • autonomy
  • decision making
  • logical reasoning

There were four groups of kids from ages 6 – 12, who with the help of teamwork, solved all the puzzles and escaped Wonka’s chocolate factory with lots of sweets and chocolates.

We asked Ema, one of the Pegasus ELS teachers, who organized the Escape Room   a couple of questions:

Who was your character and what was your role during the Escape Room?

  • Sooo, my character was obviously Willy Wonka (hopefully most people could tell that). I was inspired by the 2005 remake of the film. My role during the Escape Room itself was to guide the students through the puzzles (at times less, at times more) along with you and lovely Lena (helpers and students at Pegasus ELS), as well as Pero and Gabi (Pegasus ELS teachers).

Was it a fun experience being the host of an Escape Room?

  • It was the most fun ever! At times, the students proved way smarter than us, overcomplicating things as they were solving them. And I had the urge to laugh out loud like 90% of the four times we did the Escape Room.

Events such as this are needed to provide the younger students with fun and an opportunity to develop their skills.

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