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Pegasus’ Valentines Scavenger Hunt

Pegasus’ Valentines Scavenger Hunt

For Valentine’s Day 2023, Pegasus ELS decided to make a scavenger hunt for the younger students. This scavenger hunt consisted of solving puzzles, finding Valentine-related pictures, and solving riddles.

At the beginning of the Scavenger hunt the students were divided into 4 groups and  introduced to a helper to help them solve puzzles and riddles that they are stuck on. Then they were given a tablet to locate Valentine’s related pictures and take a photo of them. All of the students were going through the whole school trying to find the valentines pictures before the other teams so that they can get a valentines heart first.

The valentines’ hearts were a scaling system to see who was leading, so the helpers would help them less and give the other teams a chance to take the lead. At the end of the hunt, after every puzzle was solved, every picture was taken and every riddle was answered, all the students got a participation certificate and lots and lots of candies, chocolates, and many other different sweets.

The students were very happy with the presents they got and are waiting for Pegasus to host another scavenger hunt. With all of these amazing things that you heard about Pegasus’ scavenger hunts, would you like to participate in the next one?

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