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Anisa And Her Art

Anisa and Her Art

Conceiving art as a way of expression with which throughout history people have used it for different purposes! Art is a way of free expression which has always had a great impact on society and social evolution! This time we will talk about the art of painting which has been used since the stone age when the human species painted in caves for communication purposes, and today in the art of painting we use it for aesthetic expression!

Today, dear readers, I have the honour to introduce a young artist from the city of Tetovo. I had the opportunity to interview her and share her work with you! Our artist is called Anisa Bexheti, a 21-year-old who is currently studying digital design. For our magazine and this opportunity she said “I am very honoured to be part of this magazine and blessed to have the opportunity for this interview to share my work with PSV readers!”

The first question I asked her out of curiosity was how she defines art, and what value the art of painting has for her! To this question, Anisa answered: “Throughout all periods of life, dedicating myself to art from childhood to now, considering it an inseparable part, I have come to the conclusion that art is defined as much as we have a definition for the human spirit. Both are things that are part of us, without which we cannot function! They are parallel things that humans feel the need to have art within themselves at every stage of life, even if they are not aware of such a thing, because art is not just a picture, but it is also every life process, our very existence! To feel is art, not to feel is art, every antithesis of life makes it unique, and from this uniqueness, we say that it is something extraordinary that the human brain cannot perceive, and from the lack of words in a collapse of beauty, art is born!”

Since Anisa said that art is truly born, I was interested in what inspires her, or is it something that comes from her soul and inspires her.

On this question Anisa said that: “To have art within me is a way of life, as I see everything around me, which allows me to be inspired by everything that surrounds me and from every place where my imagination wanders! In every horizon, I see light- shadow, I manage to have feelings figured out and have colours everywhere, which attributes strongly push me to express in pigment everything I have!The essence of life inspires me, how things are not just material, and this makes me synchronised when I have a palette of colours in my hand and with them, I can bring out thoughts that I didn’t know I had, and a worldview that teaches me a lot about myself and others. Every creation inspires me, to stop and observe every detail, and from this, I try to express a piece of what makes me who I really am.”

Talking with Anisa, I understand her soul, which with a glance makes me feel a unique person who has found a way of expression gifted with her talent!

Continuing, she makes me understand that she really deserves to be valued, I also asked her how much art is valued in our country and is it a profession  that receives support, and she answered me with her optimistic trait told me that: ”

To have a future as an artist in our country is a bit difficult, but with inclusion in every artistic aspect and with ambition, everything is achievable. I am convinced that every successful journey has its own difficulties, as well as the journey of being valued for what you do has many different challenges. With full transparency, I am expressing that I have faced many obstacles to continue with art, but desire and passion overcame failures and opened paths that our country closed! I didn’t have expectations from our country’s institutions for support, but I always continued with art because I knew that our society would keep me in this sphere regarding the effort that needs to be paid in any way!”

Even though I admire all her creations, the cliché question that every journalist would not hesitate to ask is, what is the artist’s favourite creation that she has painted herself? About this she said: “Each work carries some important part of me because different paintings have been painted in different time periods and emotional states, many of which are reflected in each one, so I cannot distinguish any.”

Finally, from such a talented artist, I received a piece of advice from her for all the young people. “I say that the most important thing is to believe in yourself no matter what, even if no one stands by you and understands your world, but everyone should take time to know themselves and know what they aspire to.”


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