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Tetovo Wants A Park

Tetovo Wants a Park

Our city of Tetovo is quite large, inhabited, and rebuilt. Unfortunately, it does not have enough green areas. There is no park in our city at all.

It is very clear that in a city without greenery, citizens can not have a healthy and quality life. Citizens do not have the opportunity to socialize in nature and space for sports.

This situation in our city is easily noticeable, but recently no one had taken a step to improve this situation.

In February this year, the largest civic initiative to establish a city park called “Tetovo wants a park” was launched in our city. The slogan under which this initiative spread and became even more popular in our city is „A city is with a city park“.


After the previously determined and obvious need for the establishment of the first city park in Tetovo, in the beginning, the civic proposal was initiated by a group of 60 prominent citizens of Tetovo, and then the civic initiative began to expand rapidly.


The parts of the city that are proposed to form the park are now untidy places full of garbage, waste, furniture, wild vegetation, and ruined buildings, so the idea of ​​having a park in those areas is quite acceptable and understandable. It is the last public space that could be the first city park.


This civic initiative, which is still ongoing, has launched a very intense social media campaign. The initiative was met with great support from all citizens of the municipality of Tetovo who electronically gave their signatures (3,000 citizens) and motivational statements about the need for a park in the city.


The Facebook page of the initiative:


From the information we receive from social and traditional media, it can be seen that the initiative continues to develop. The initiators hold regular press conferences and place information in the public about the progress of the idea. In recent months, tribunes have been organized to promote the initiative to the citizens and joint consideration of the problem, guest appearances on local and national radio and TV shows, and exhibitions.


For this issue, contacts have been established with decision-makers at the local level (the mayor and the members of the council). Unfortunately, such meetings are more dominated by obstacles and excuses for the inability to implement this initiative. But the will to form a city park still prevails.


The team of our school Pegasus ELS also supported this initiative.

Join the civic initiative with which we can all work together to make Tetovo a city with a CITY PARK for the benefit of all the citizens.

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