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Yoga Studio Here In Tetovo!?

Yoga Studio Here in Tetovo!?

Hello dear readers,

For this spring month of May, the month of blooming flowers, in the section “Things that can be done in our city”, I decided to write about the newly opened YOGA and Stretching Studio in Tetovo “BLOOM”.

The opening of the Yoga studio “BLOOM” was on May 15. As a Pegasus Student Voice journalist, I attended the opening and followed part of the first class with the interns. I found a beautiful and appropriate setting with a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

I conducted a short interview with the wonderful owner of the studio and licensed YOGA instructor Milica Mimi Josifoska, who answered my questions with great pleasure and spoke about yoga with love and passion.

I asked Mimi about her motivation for opening this Yoga Studio.

She answered me that from a very young age she was involved in exercise, especially in aerobic exercises, and she watched the exercise class videos of the actress and in the 80s, the queen of aerobics, Jane Fonda. When she started practicing yoga, she found many similarities that reminded her of aerobic exercises with Jane Fonda.

At first, she started practicing yoga only for herself and for her own personal benefits, but after completing her yoga training and obtaining her yoga instructor license, she was motivated and encouraged by her instructor as well, that she could use her knowledge and skills to pass on yoga to others interested. Knowing that there is no yoga studio in our city of Tetovo, and knowing her fellow citizens, from whom she expected to show interest in practicing such exercises, she decided to open YOGA Studio BLOOM.

With this, I actually got the answer to my second question: Who is practicing YOGA in BLOOM intended for?

-“For everyone who wants to improve the flexibility of muscles and joints, get rid of toxins, or strengthen and rejuvenate the body.

In addition, I received an answer to the question about the benefits of practicing yoga, which are: increased awareness of the body and its existence, through connecting the body with the mind, improved posture and increased self-confidence, in a word, improvement of both the mental and physical health.

Pegasus Student Voice wishes for successful work at Yoga studio “BLOOM” and many satisfied and happy interns.

Many thanks to Milica Mimi Josifoska, for the honor of conducting this interview.

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