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Love Is In The Air ❤️

Love is in the air ❤️

Ah, yes, the most romantic holiday known as Valentine’s Day, celebrated since the 5th century this holiday got the name by the person himself St. Valentine. And though it’s not widely popular in our town it seems that one particular school has taken a wide interest in it. But who is celebrating it? Where? Why? And how? Let’s find out!

St. Valentine was believed to be a priest during the 3rd century in Rome. One day the Roman emperor Claudius II decided to ban marriages, believing that single men made better soldiers. Outraged by this St. Valentine defied the emperor by preforming marriages for young couples in secret, and so Valentine’s Day was born.

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Saint Valentine, who according to some sources is actually two distinct historical characters who were said to have healed a child while imprisoned and executed by decapitation.

This month, Pegasus English Language School is celebrating the day of love. And they are certainly prepared, with decorations, games and who knows, they might even have some chocolates up their sleeve.

Pegasus ESL is a school that promotes the culture of the English-speaking world. And they celebrate Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas. They do this in order to teach their students about the historical background of these holidays, as well as the customs and traditions related to them.

They celebrate it with their students differently, depending on their age. The younger ones play quizzes and sing songs about love, while the students from the higher levels do scavenger hunts and watch the most popular movies related to the holiday.

Valentine’s Day celebrated at Pegasus ELS

And the most important part are the prizes, of course. There are a lot of heart-shaped candies for everyone, and sometimes even hand-made Valentine’s Day cards that students share with each other.

With that being said I wish everyone a very romantic and happy Valentine’s Day.

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