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AI Art: A Timeless Journey From Past To Present Masterpieces

AI Art: A Timeless Journey from Past to Present Masterpieces

Be ready to be stunned by these crazy facts you’re about to read in this article.

AI image generators are text-to image tools that were designed to turn text prompts into various different images and realistic photos.

Artificial intelligence art is any visual art work created by using advanced technology such as different AI generators.

The history of AI art dates back to 1973 when a computer scientist and artist named Harold Cohen created the first known AI art creation program, AARON. Even though  AARON’s work wasn’t based on deep learning techniques and technology like AI generators today, it was still a big step into the development of technology and exploration of art and artificial intelligence. And, 41 years later, in 2014, generative adversarial networks (GANs) were developed. GAN consists of two neural networks which are the generator and the discriminator.

  • The generator: The generator takes random noise or input and generates data, such as images that are meant to look realistic or even better if created by real data.
  • The discriminator: The discriminator is a neural network meant to tell the difference between real data and the one created by AI (if the image created is real or fake).


Can AI art be copyrighted?

The product generated by an AI model cannot be copyrighted because it isn’t considered to be the work of a human creator. Copyright protection only includes human works, not  machines.

Although an AI-generated artwork cannot be copyrighted or attributed to a person, the artwork used to train the generator algorithms is often copyrighted and owned by real human artists and creators. As a result, there may be copyright violations when creating AI-generated art.


Most expensive AI art piece ever sold:

In 2018, an artwork generated by Generative Adversarial Network model (GAN), “Portrait of Edmond de Belamy” was the first-ever original work of art created using artificial intelligence to come to auction. It was created by the Paris-based arts collective Obvious and was sold at a whopping price of $432,000.

Even though this might be hard to process for some of us, this is becoming a part of reality. So.. Would you ever spend $432,000 for an AI generated art piece?

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