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Top Destinations To Go To For Christmas

Top Destinations to Go to for Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the end of the year and what better to celebrate then the New Year and the biggest Christian holiday, Christmas. So I will recommend some great places to visit and talk about their traditions.

There are many beautiful cities to visit during Christmas. In my opinion the best are: Viena, Cophenhagen, Paris, Warsaw, Zurich, Amsterdam, Prague. These cities are decorated to the brim and, usually, this time of the year, they are entirely covered with snow. The tradition in these cities over the years are crazy, and every year they do a lot for Christmas.

Photo taken by: Meininger Hotels


But, if you don’t want to spend Christmas in the city but out in the wild, Finland is your answer. In the north part of Finland there are so many small cities and villages. Some of the most popular places are: Helsinki, Tarku, Lapland, Santa Claus village, Arctic TreeHouse Hotel and Rovaniemi. In these places you can experience the Nordic snow and beautiful mountains, the majestic winter animals are a cherry on top.

Photo taken by: Santa Claus Village

All of these places are in Europe,  but there are also great places for you to see in the USA and Canada. The two best cities to visit are Toronto and New York, they are very big cities and they are decorated very well. In the cities there is a lot of snow every year to add to that Christmas feel.

Photo taken by: Conde Nast Traveler

Some very beautiful, small and cozy cities are: Ontario, Leavenworth, Asheville, Clifton, Stockbridge and North Pole. These places are hosting some Christmas competitions, festivals, events and they have beautiful landscapes to see. Christmas is right around the corner, where and with whom are you going to spend Christmas?

Photo taken by: 1859 Oregon’s Magazine

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