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Hogwarts Legacy, And The Controversy Surrounding It

Hogwarts Legacy, and the Controversy Surrounding It

Hogwarts legacy is a recently released game that captures the beauty of the Harry Potter universe through an interactable role-playing experience.

It has pretty high system requirements to run at a high quality whilst also keeping a competent frames per second (FPS) count, but if you do have the required components you will be in for a great ride. The game itself is fine and has been praised by many players and journalists alike to be one of the best games in recent months, but its relation to J.K. Rowling is where the problems start unfolding.

As the author of such a popular kids franchise that is Harry Potter, you would expect her to be a role model that every child can look up to, but that is further from the truth than anyone would like it to be. J.K. Rowling has, in recent years, made a few negative comments on the social media platform twitter in regards to the transgender community, and it’s safe to say that people from the U.S.A, Canada, and other more westernized countries, where they are more accepting of all different kinds of sexualities and such, were well shocked.

A lot of those people who are a part of these communities and read the Harry Potter books or watched the movies, instantly lost all of their positive feelings towards her. There were a lot of attempts to “cancel” her because of this situation, but because of the size of her franchise, it was to no avail. When Hogwarts Legacy came out on the 7th of February 2023, these past comments made people boycott the game, of which some attempts are still ongoing.

Nevertheless, the game still was incredibly popular, proved by it generating $850 million dollars in its first two weeks, selling 12 million copies. Opinions on this matter have varied by a lot, but the bottom line is that people need to separate the artist from the art itself.

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