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Meet Sylira – The Girl With A Rare Hobby

Meet Sylira – the Girl with a Rare Hobby

This is a special edition of our journalism club called Pegasus Student Voice. On the occasion of almost one year of its existence, and also the New Year, the club team decided that it would be a good idea to get to know the members of Pegasus Student Voice better.

As you probably know, we have a new editor – Romana (18), two teachers who help us – teacher Pero and teacher Emma and 12 (for now) students/journalists (12-18) about whom you do not have enough information.

It is my pleasure for this issue to introduce you to our young journalist and student at Pegasus ELS, Sylira.

I asked her a few questions to which she gave interesting answers. Here it is in full:

Me:  How old are you and in which school do you go to?

Sylira: I am 14 years old, a 9th grader and I study at the Primary School Istikbal.

Me: Do you have any hobbies?

Sylira: My hobbies are drawing/painting and also sewing.

Me: Wow! That’s a very rare hobby. Can you tell us some other interesting facts about you?

Sylira: Here are few interesting facts about me, I love writing poems and showing how I feel in them, and that I also like baking.

Me: That’s cool. You are a 9-grader, finishing primary school this year. Any plans for the future?

Sylira: As for the future, I haven’t made any plans yet.

Me: Does your school organize extracurricular activities or projects and do you participate in them?

Sylira: My school does some activities, but I think it could do better, or more, but I don’t participate in a lot of them.

Me: Do you have a lot of friends and what are your favorite social games to play with them?

Sylira: I don’t like having a big group of friends, and I also don’t play games with them.

Me: What do you think about the Pagasus Student Voice Young Journalists Club?

Sylira: I think the Pegasus Student Voice club is a good opportunity for students to raise their voices and make changes for the best.

Me: What are the advantages of being a young journalism? ‘

Sylira: I think the advantages of being a young journalism are that I can express myself easier, since I always wanted to write and its better for me to express myself in that way.

Me: Which topics have you covered so far and what was your favorite one?

Sylira: So far, I have covered: ‘’ Things to do in our town’’, ‘’ Young art lovers’’, ‘’Young bookworms’’ and some others, my favorite one has to be ‘’Young art lovers’’.

Me: Are there enough things that the youth in Tetovo can do and what do you think can be improved?
Sylira: I think a lot of things can be improved like maybe people being nicer and not disrespecting each other so much.

Thank you Sylira for sharing parts of yourself with us.

Wishing you a lot of great articles in the future.

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