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Andrej, The Future Multimedia Artist

Andrej, the Future Multimedia Artist

The December issue of our online magazine Pegasus Student Voice is dedicated to the young journalists whose voices make a difference. We decided to interview each other and give you a better insight into who are the voices behind Pegasus Student Voice.

I interviewed one of the wise minds over at Pegasus ELS. The person I got to interview was Andrej, and I got very thought-out and well-phrased answers to all my questions.

Andrej describes himself as a mostly honest person who tries to work hard. He doesn’t know much about how other people see him but he tries to give off the impression that he’s a good person. In his free time, he’s a fan of doing things such as reading books and comics, watching shows, writing, drawing.

When asked what inspired him to be a Pegasus Student Voice journalist, he said that, initially, he was invited by the teachers to our project, and then he wanted to stick around because he saw that he got to use his writing skills not just in his free time, and that he got to share his opinion with other people.

I asked him what things he likes about himself, and Andrej said, “I would have to say my honesty mostly. It’s a big part of what I believe and that is there is no reason not to lie to other people unless you want to lose their trust.” The thing he dislikes the most about himself is that he is a very reserved person and he doesn’t have much charisma. But he has been putting in a lot of work to improve, he says, adding “I would want to fix up my lack of charisma the most, otherwise there’s nothing else I would really change.”

He listens to anything as long as it’s good. Andrej listens to everything but he mostly listens to Rap and Rock. When asked what his dream job would be, Andrej answered this quickly and simply. His answer was “I want to become a multimedia artist”.

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