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Rona, The Football Girl In Love With The Stars

Rona, the Football Girl in Love with the Stars

We are a cool group of young people, members of the Pegasus Student Voice Young Journalists Club, who decided to dedicate this month’s issue to introducing ourselves to you. We decided to interview each other so that we get to know each other better too.

I am glad for this opportunity to interview Rona, who is also a young journalist in the same magazine, and who has written many interesting articles, but I am sure you would like to know who Rona is. Keep on reading!

I decided to share the whole interview with you. Here it is in full:

Luka: Hey Rona! Hope you’re doing good. I’ve prepared a few questions for today’s interview to try and get to know you better. Can we start?

Rona: Yes, let’s start.

Luka: Okay, the first question, how old are you and what grade are you in?

Rona: I’m 13 years old and I’m in grade 8.

Luka: Which school do you go to?

Rona: I go to school Lirija in Tetovo.

Luka: Do you have any hobbies?

Rona: My hobbies are playing the flute, playing football. I also play in a club for girls here in Tetovo and read about astronomy.

Luka: When did you start writing articles for the Pegasus Student Voice?

Rona: I started writing about Pegasus Student Voice since its foundation like a year ago.

Luka: What has been your favorite topic?

Rona: My favorite topic has been Sports News, when I wrote about the World Cup in Qatar. It’s my favorite because of how many facts I could tell in the article.

Luka: What has been your favorite article whether that be yours or someone else’s?

Rona: My favorite articles are: “The holy month of Ramadan” by Fatime S. and Teens vs Covid 19 by Romana F.

Luka: What do you think are the pros and cons of being a young journalist?

Rona: The pros are that we are doing a wonderful job alerting the young people or even adults of what is happening in the world, we get to know a lot of people, get to know the problems around the world while writing our articles, be more active, have more ideas, etc. In my opinion I don’t think there are any cons at the moment.

Luka: What are your plans for your future?

Rona: I don’t have some secured plans at the moment, but my dream since forever has been to study at the University of Cambridge, Oxford or Harvard and I hope I will achieve my dream someday. But I don’t see myself writing articles in the future.

Luka: Have you participated in other projects outside of this magazine?

Rona: At school I did participate in some chemistry projects that are multi ethnic, but not in other projects.

Luka: What is your general opinion on the Pegasus Student Voice?

Rona: I think that we, the young journalists and the teachers who are helping us are doing a wonderful job and we should continue like this. There is no giving up. I just hope Pegasus Student Voice grows and it spreads around the world.

Luka: Have you got anything to say to the other students participating in this magazine?

Rona: Good job guys, you are doing wonderful. Always be full of ideas, and be confident in your articles.

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