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Lena, The 13-Year-Old Young Journalist

Lena, the 13-Year-Old Young Journalist

This December, here at the Pegasus Student Voice team we decided to make interviews about each other for you to get to know our team of journalists better. I got the opportunity to interview one of our younger members, Lena.

Lena is a 13-year-old girl and goes to the primary school Bratstvo Migjeni Tetovo.

I asked her to describe herself using only a few words and she described herself as “Friendly, communicative, and careful.” She said she doesn’t have a specific hobby but she enjoys roller-skating. Her favorite movie genres are action, fantasy and thrillers.

Friendly, communicative, and careful!


Lena has written a lot of articles. She has had a couple of repeat topics such as writing twice about Young Problem Solvers, Things to do in our town and Pegasus News and writing once about Youth Health Corner. I asked Lena if she thought that her writing skill have improved since joining the Pegasus Student Voice Newspaper, she said:

“Yes, I really think that I have improved my writing skills because I had the opportunity to practice my writing skills every past month of the Pegasus Student Voice editions. I also love the company there, we are such a great team!”

I asked Lena if she had a dream profession in mind what would it be and she responded “I don’t have anything in my mind for now. I think that is still kind of early because in life everything can change and it isn’t worth making plans for a further future”.

And I ended the interview with the question: “If you could let everyone know one thing, what would it be?” She responded with: “Probably that I adore dogs!”

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