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Bora, The Future Pianist Of Our Team

Bora, the Future Pianist of Our Team

As you may already know, this December issue of our first online student magazine in English – Pegasus Student Voice is dedicated to all young journalists participating in this project. We decided to interview each other, so that you get to know us better. Today I had the pleasure to do an interview with the sweetest girl in our team, Bora.

I would like to share it with you in full. Here is my interview with her:

Me: Hello Bora today I have a few questions for you. Let’s start with: how old are you?
Bora: I’m 12 years old.
Me: You are among the youngest in our team. Can you tell us where you are from?
Bora: I’m from Tetovo.
Me: So am I. Which school do you study in and what grade are you?
Bora: I study at “Cyril and Methodius” and I am in the 7th grade.
Me: What’s your favorite subject?
Bora: My favorite subjects are Math and Music!

Me: Do you play any instrument?
Bora: Yes, I play Piano!
Me: That’s awesome! Do you have any hobbies or special talents?
Bora: My hobby and my special talent is playing Piano.
Me: Well, then we are expecting an invitation to your future concerts. Do you like reading? What’s your favorite book?
Bora: One of my favorite book is “The girl who drank the moon” by Kelly Barnhill.
Me: What do you do in your free time?
Bora: I spend my free time playing the piano, reading books and writing poetry.
Me: How long have you been part of Pegasus Student Voice?
Bora: I have been participating in the Pegasus Student Voice newspaper for 2 and a half months.

Me: Do you have a favorite article?
Bora: It is the beginning for me and I have written only 2 articles.
• Learning can be Fun ” Relax”
• Teen Fashion ” Guys, a New Style Coming Out”

My friends also wrote some amazing essays, and is it difficult to choose one, but some of my favorites are:
• Fifa World Cup by Rona.B
• Cute summer 2022 fashion Trends by Romana F.
• AND.. ACTION by Marko R. etc…

Me: What’s your dream for the future?
Bora: My dream is to perform as a pianist on international stages.
Me: What do you want to be in the future?
Bora: In the future I want to become a pianist.
Me: What makes you happy?
Bora: I am happy when I get a lot of applause at my concerts.

I hope you enjoyed the interview, and you got to know Bora better.

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