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How Are Children Affected During War

How Are Children Affected During War

Those who suffer more from wars are the children, war affects children in the same way it affects adults, even worse!

Children in wars lose the opportunity for schooling, they lose the opportunity to live their childhood! Fear of losing their protection from their beloved parents, and losing their families gets them into deep depression which is a whole different problem that appears in wars. Sometimes they are forced to move into refugee camps, living a miserable life in fear hungry and dehydrated, thinking and waiting for the normal life to come back something that sometimes never comes back.

Something that usually happens in wars is raping girls, a girl who has been raped may be sorted from the society and her life will be ruined forever.

These are just some of the problems that children experience in wars but the most important thing is that children are dying only because of these politics that get us to harmful wars for innocent citizens.

And we have to know that wars are going on momently. I’d like to talk about children in Yemen, they are starving just because adults continue to wage a war and the kids are the biggest losers of this. Ukraine is being destroyed too and children are the ones losing their families and getting emotional unavailability depressed and distracted. Palestine is a country that I must mention, Palestine is being under occupation for years now those children haven’t seen peace in years, and there are teenagers dying and girls being raped!

– We need peace in this world!

– Stop harming innocent children!

– Stop killing innocent people for your own business!

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