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Explore The Latest Social Media Trends

Explore the Latest Social Media Trends

Currently on social media there are a few things that are trending and there’s also some drama on social media.

The love for slime is back, just like back in 2016, people in 2024 are suddenly making slime again, they call it therapeutic and calming! In a lot of videos that I have seen, people have suddenly stopped using bowls to make the slimes, now it’s apparently trending to make slime on your desk, the floor, the dining table etc..! Currently, it is trending to make really big slimes.

Another trending thing going on, on social media is the question “Man or Bear?” In a forest! It has to do with the fear women have of some men. The majority are picking the option “Bear” for a lot of reasons. Some men are very offended by this comparison, but some other men aren’t and are willing to choose the “Bear” too. What about you? Would you rather be in a forest and have to choose between a random man or a bear? Think of the consequences.

There’s also this very hot drama going on with the famous rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar. They have been dissing each other with songs, but Kendrick Lamar absolutely exposed Drake telling everyone that Drake has a daughter he has been hiding for 11 years, a gambling problem, drug addiction, disrespects women including his own mother, leaked that Drake has a bunch of kids unheard of, is a pedophile. The songs that Kendrick Lamar made that absolutely destroyed Drake’s career are called “Euphoria”, “Not Like Us”, “Meet the Grahams”.

Did I miss any trends?

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