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Men’s Health Month

Men’s Health Month

Taking care of our own health is very important. Preventive examinations are especially important.

“Possible diseases are better to be prevented, than treated”.

In that context, it is important for each person to take time for themself,  in order to prevent and deal with possible diseases.

If October is the month of women’s health, in which topics that affect women are current, then November is the month of men’s health and treats topics related to men’s health, from a physical and psychological aspect.

Globally, every year more and more men are at risk of serious health consequences due to insufficient awareness of the diseases. The month of November is known as “Men’s Month” dedicated to men’s health and raising awareness for prevention and early detection of men’s diseases.

With the beginning of the month, “Movember” begins – an action that aims to inform men about the diseases that affect them. Movember has the function of encouraging men to practice more frequent visits to doctors and regular preventive examinations that can help in early diagnosis of diseases, thus enabling timely treatment.

“Movember” is marked by the symbolic growing of a mustache.

The story of the mustache is not only a trend, which men all over the world have accepted, but it has a great meaning and sends a strong message to the entire population.

In 2003, a group of friends from Austria came up with the idea to set themselves a challenge and grow mustaches during the month of November to convey to the world a serious message about the prevention of prostate diseases, all with the aim of raising health awareness among the men. So, they decided to raise the project to a higher level and for that purpose they established the “Movember” foundation.

Almost any disease, if detected in time, can mean a saved life.

It is important for us young people, from an early age, to work on increasing awareness of the need for preventive health examinations, as well as encouraging physical activity and improving mental health.

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