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Issues And Problems That Trouble Today’s Teens

Issues and Problems That Trouble Today’s Teens

Human growth is divided into three stages:

  1. Childhood
  2. Early childhood or puberty
  3. Growing up or coming of age

The period that offers a person the most adrenaline is early childhood or the age of early youth, when the individual is faced with many things and many changes both in his interior and also on the surface of his personality.

This time offers young people different information about the world, offers you a different view of the world and the social circle, you begin to mature and understand things differently.

This age can be said to be the age that each individual keeps in the memory box.

As much as this age offers us the most adorable moments, it also offers us some dangerous directions that can lead us astray as individuals, therefore parents during this time are as careful as possible with their children and take care that the negative side of the world does not harm their children at this age.

Some of the most common problems that threaten young people during this age are:


  1. Depression
  2. Bullying
  3. Drugs
  4. Alcohol
  5. Sexual activity
  6. Social Media (their negative use)



A large percentage of young people experience depression before entering adulthood. According to studies, depression is more prevalent in women during this age.

This age is very delicate because it offers many emotional changes, offers changes in the society around, and these changes normally affect the emotional state of the individual. What all young people should remember in this period of life is that everything that changes in their life is transitory, and always see the positive side of events.

Depression as a disease is treatable, therefore all parents should take care of their children and if they see disorders in their children’s way of life, try to help them with conversation but also if necessary, they should seek professional help!


Bullying is very widespread in the environment where young people live, bullies always target their peers who are gentler and do not have the ability to protect themselves.

For this reason, if we ever find ourselves in this position, we should discuss it with close friends, but also ask for help from adults.


Narcotic substances are those that are introduced to young people in bars, through society, and are also spread in schools. Drugs are addictions that can be created in young people and which can damage their whole life.

The use of drugs always begins as an experience to try, but after it, always, comes the use of drugs that creates addiction in young people.

The harmful effects caused by narcotics are numerous, especially among young people.


Young people use them as a way to escape from reality but they don’t realize that it is the biggest mistake they can make. In many cases, overdoses also occur, which may lead to a fatal outcome.

Especially in the city of Tetovo, narcotics have spread to every corner of the city, both in bars and schools, even though the institutions are trying to take preventive measures. The strictest prohibitive measures are the families, who should take time from an early age to discuss these topics with their children, telling them about the harms of drugs and what narcotics can do to young people, both in health and in everyday life. The most neglected role is played by the parents, who must work on protecting their children from these phenomena.


Alcohol use is also harmful for young users who do not know the harm that alcohol can cause. Young people face alcohol in their daily life and it is always society that introduces young people of this age to alcohol, but also the family is the one that can stop young people from using alcohol.

Sexual Activity

At this age, young people always try to experience new things, experience new feelings, but they don’t know about the mistakes they can make from these experiences.

Sexual activity is becoming more frequent every day, in addition to pregnancy at an early age, other sexually infectious diseases can also spread, which are quite dangerous for the health of the individual. As a preventive measure for pregnancy, conservatives are used, but they are not always effective in preventing pregnancy, so young people should be aware of these mistakes that they can make at the moment, but that can cause them trouble for the rest of their lives.

Therefore, all parents should discuss these topics, even if they do not think that girls practise sexual activities, they should show them the consequences of these actions at a very early age.

Social media

These days there is no individual who does not have social media, but the way they are used can always present risks to young people.

Cyber ​​bullying is a phenomenon that endangers young people’s mental state.

We must know the correct use of social networks, young people should not share too much information on social networks, which can put them at risk from strangers.

Also, the risk from social networks is a very widespread phenomenon and therefore parents should be mindful of this and have control over their children’s actions on the Internet.

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