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Masimo, A Young Artist In The Making

Masimo, a Young Artist in the Making

For this month’s issue students from our Young Journalists Club have made interviews with each other to see how an interview works, and to get to know each other better. I had the opportunity to interview Masimo, who is a student at Pegasus ELS, and a young journalist at Pegasus Student Voice.

I asked Masimo how he was, and he said he was chilling after finishing with tests at school, so he was eager to do the interview. He has been a young journalist at Pegasus Student Voice since its beginnings, and he thinks that this is a great opportunity for him to improve his English language skills and his research skills, as well as learn about new and interesting stuff from the articles of the other students.

Masimo is a 13-year-old boy who has long brown hair, brown eyes, is really friendly and isn’t afraid to get out of his comfort zone, meaning he’s always up for doing something new. I asked him what the three features that he likes the most about himself are, to which he replied: “I like my music style, because I don’t listen to the “typical” teenager music, I listen to old masterpieces made by amazing bands and artists such as Queen, Beatles, Guns n’ Roses, Kiss, Ben E. King, The proclaimers and many more. I am really thankful that my parents signed me up to music school, and I like that I play the piano and would hope to learn new instruments. I also like that I’m fascinated by drawing.”

When asked, to tell the three features he dislike the most about himself, he admitted, as every teenager would do, that he dislikes having acne even though he knows it’s normal to have it. He is not a fan of his sleeping habits either, but the thing he dislikes the most about himself is that he can sometimes be really lazy. If he were able to change something about his appearance it would probably be to get rid of his spots.

His friends would probably describe me as the guy who plays dumb but is actually kind of smart. Masimo’s earliest childhood memory is probably his first or second birthday (he doesn’t remember which one it was). It was a ladybug themed birthday and it was hosted in his village.

He spends his best moment in life with his family that he appreciates a lot, and he cannot pick a favourite relative, he loves and appreciates every one of them equally.

In his free time, Masimo likes playing basketball, video games, watching anime and playing with trading cards.

Hope this interview helped you get to know Masimo better.

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