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David, The Technology And Video Game Lover

David, the Technology and Video Game Lover

For the December Issue our team at Pegasus Student Voice decided to introduce ourselves to our readers by interviewing each other. We have been writing for Pegasus Student Voice for a year and a half and we are 13 journalists with Romana as our editor, with the help of Teacher Pero. We have made a bit of progress but we always try harder to make even more progress.

I had the chance to interview David, which helped me get to know him better. He is a 13 year old boy who studies at “ Bratstvo Migjeni” and is in the 8th grade.  His hobbies are going out with friends, going to football practice, playing video games and listening to music.

This is David’s 7th year in Pegasus ELS. He has been writing for Pegasus Student Voice since its creation. He has covered these topics: Technology geeks, Fashion, and Things to do in our town. He would like to cover the art topic and write about “Can’t Help Myself”.

I asked him what he enjoys about Pegasus the most and he said:

“The thing I enjoy at Pegasus is that we don’t learn in the traditional way of learning and I like that because they don’t give us much tests and there isn’t anything to stress about so you can come to Pegasus and learn and also have fun”.

He said that he likes that he can write about his opinion on stuff that matter to him, and that he can also learn about new things from other students’ articles.

When I asked: ‘’What are some of your strengths and weaknesses in using technology for writing articles?’’, he responded with: “You can correct yourself on any given mistake and you also develop technology skills”.

He doesn’t use social media very often, even though he sometimes uses it for fun and entertainment. I asked him what his plans for the future were and he said: “I haven’t decided on what I am going to be but I have two dream jobs and those are engineering and a programmer of some kind”.

“Do you like what we are doing and do you think it has a good impact on the youth?” – I asked him.

He said: “I love what we are doing here in Pegasus and I think that it isn’t affecting the youth yet”.

And the last question I asked him was if he sees himself writing articles for Pegasus Student Voice in the future and his response was: “I will stop writing articles when I find it boring and I will continue writing articles when I’m having fun with it.”

This was the interview. Hope you guys got to know our young journalist, David.

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