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Erla, A Fan Of Skiing And Future Gynaecologist

Erla, a Fan of Skiing and Future Gynaecologist

Our online student magazine Pegasus Student Voice dedicated the December issue to introducing the young journalists behind the project. We decided to interview each other and, in that way, get to know each other better.

I am happy for this opportunity to interview Erla, a student at Pegasus ELS, and also a fellow young journalist at Pegasus Student Voice, whom I asked questions about what she wants to be in the future, the things she likes, her hobbies and other things.

The first thing I found out about Erla is that she has been skiing since she was five years old. And that she is also a part of the “Ski Federation of Macedonia” competing in national and international races.

She also likes reading books and she especially loves the book “The Furrows”, she could read it over and over again. Without it getting boring. In the future she would like to be a gynaecologist, having her grandpa as a role model.

She also likes movies and travelling. If she would have one last day she would go to St Moritz in Switzerland.

I also found out that she is into classical music as she listens to her sister play the piano, but she also likes Hip Hop.

As for food she likes pasta and seafood mixed with the pasta or by itself. As for the drinks she likes Freeze kiwi and lime.

She states that she likes being a young journalist because she can express herself with different topics.

She has been a member of Pegasus Student Voice from the very beginnings. She has covered topics like Learning Can Be Fun, Shows and Movies, Teen Fashion, Pegasus School News, Technology Geeks, The World in Your Hands and such. Her favourite article is the World in Your Hands “Blue Samurai Power”.

She has also participated in other projects like “Nansen” and chemistry lab projects.

I hope you enjoyed the article and got to know Erla better.

Thank you!

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