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A Young Author, A Journalist, An Editor, And An Adventurer – Fatime’s Noble Pursuits

A Young Author, a Journalist, an Editor, and an Adventurer – Fatime’s Noble Pursuits

Hey, we are back with a very interesting topic for this month! We would like to introduce you to the young journalists at PEGASUS STUDENT VOICE.


Our team decided to dedicate this issue to introducing ourselves to our readers, so my name is Bora, I am a young journalist at PEGASUS STUDENT VOICE, and I decided to interview my friend Fatime, a student at Pegasus ELS who also writes articles for the PEGASUS STUDENT VOICE online magazine!

Fatime S. is a 15-year-old girl, who is a freshman student at the High School Kiril Pejchinovic, and she likes to do many interesting things. She said that she loved sports and that she was trying to learn every sport little by little. She is a committed young content writer and she has had a very interesting experience as a young journalist and a young author.


“I am such an active student, I’ve participated in different projects like micro-bit, videos about covid-19, for two years I have been the editor of the school magazine Migjeni, said Fatime, highlighting her experience as a young editor, adding “I learned too much as a leader of this magazine, trying to manage and keep everything under control, which is a little bit hard for beginners.”


She has also been a member of the Association for Science and Culture Pellazget, where she is recognized as a successful young author with invitation to various cities on events where Fatime featured her own writings.


Listen to your heart, spread positivity and love!


Fatime sees Pegasus Student Voice magazine as a great opportunity where she can spread her ideas and personal opinion on things that concern her. She loves all the articles that she has written so far because she has featured her thoughts in each of them. However, her favourite article is the one she dedicated to the holy month of Ramadan, which gave her a chance to present her own tradition and culture through one of the best holidays in her religion, presented through the interview she had with her teacher of Islam.


“Pegasus Student Voice is such an opportunity for every teenager to talk about their thoughts”, said Fatime when asked what her thoughts were about being a member of the magazine, adding “I have been writing for Pegasus Student Voice magazine since the beginnings of this magazine. I remember that it was something unusual to me, but I can say that our magazine staff is the best. We help each other about everything, while we do the meetings, we talk about ourselves we work, we have fun, we discus about different topics and I love hearing from all of them!”


When asked about the advantages of her being a young journalist, she said “being a journalist has a lot of advantages, I love doing the role of a journalist and this magazine allows us to talk about every unjust matter or wrongdoing that we see happening”, adding with enthusiasm “this is the role of journalists – to talk about things that harm our society!”


Fatme is a person who loves new adventures, new experiences and she adores her best-friend-group of 5 girls, whom she calls “partners in adventures”, because they travel and go hiking together, they help people also, they even started different businesses together. All in all, Fatime loves the adventures they have together.


She says that life these days is hard and everyone who wants to achieve success has to be committed to their dreams, has to work for their dreams, or in her own words: “Listen to your heart, spread positivity and love!”

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