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A City Being Destroyed

A City Being Destroyed

My hometown of Tetovo is a city in the northwestern part of Macedonia, surrounded by the Shar Mountain and with many natural beauties. However, at the same time, an unfortunate and hopeless city.

Tetovo at night. A photo taken from the Shar Mountain.

Tetovo is a city drowned in shortages. Firstly, we don’t have safe roads, our hospitals are not safe too, we don’t have parks for children, we don’t have a cinema etc. All we have is lack of security, lack of cleanness, polluted air, unsafe roads and endless problems.

Tetovo has become one of the most polluted cities in the world.

Safe roads – safety for everyone!

Tetovo’s youth is hopeless for a future in this country. The dream of every young person in this city is to go abroad and pursue their future there, far away from this place.

The questions we need to keep asking until we get the answers:

Who is the cause for all these shortcomings in this city?

Are we, the citizens, the cause of this?

Or the problem is that the municipality does not take care of this city?

I feel sorry for my miserable hometown. I hope one day we will change our ways because we are all guilty. We are to be ashamed of how we have brought the city into this state!

Sorry my beautiful city, we will make the change!

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