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Exploring Nature

Exploring Nature

Our town is a beautiful place to visit! And there are a lot of interesting things to do!

In this article I would like to share some of my favorite things to do in Tetovo, and I hope you will be interested in it too! So, if you want to find out keep reading!

I am sure you will agree with me that spending time in nature is very calming. And here in the place where I live nature is breathtaking!

It’s truly beautiful and I feel that we as teenagers can gather all up and have fun!

What I also like to do in nature besides rock climbing (which is very healthy) is exploring it too. You might think this is boring after all!

In order for it to be fun there should be some activities we can do, such as challenges or camping with people our age that we don’t know, so we can make new friends.

I think schools should include field trips to nature too! And, wouldn’t it be great to go camping and make s’mores at night while telling scary stories?

We can also make camp fires and gather around them while singing different songs and getting to know each other!

Or exploring the place and learning about nature!

And then I think it will be great if we have to complete tasks and learn survival skills!

Here is a wonderful place we can visit near my place!

Kamenjane Waterfall, Tetovo region

So, since we have these beautiful places here why don’t we explore them and make new friends!


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