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The Dangers Of Letting The Internet Raise Your Child

The Dangers of Letting the Internet Raise Your Child

The internet is a fantastic place, it contains the sum total of all human knowledge, news about things happening from all over the globe and places where you can talk about things with people from wherever. Despite the utility of the internet there is a problem I see amongst modern parents. And the problem I see is letting the internet raise your children.

It all starts at a very young age. A lot of parents give their toddlers phones or tablets as substitutes for actually spending time with their children and forming a familial bond with them. Physical activity goes down dramatically and you’ve sufficiently made your child an addict from a young age.

The majority of social media apps like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are filled with things no child should ever see or hear about such as Politics, Sex, Drugs, Violence, Scams and many more awful things.

It is so easy to have your child slip into a political ideology or scam especially at a young age without a guardian of some sorts keeping a watchful eye on them.

I want you, the reader, to think for yourself “Would I want random people who I’ve never heard about in my life tell my child what to do?” I couldn’t speak for everyone but personally I would decline on that offer.

But please don’t completely outlaw all usage of social media in your household. Personally, I would allow children to have some downtime using a tablet or phone, but so long as they get a good amount of physical activity and a good parent to guide them and tell them what they should and shouldn’t do.

Around the time a person is a teenager they can start thinking a bit for themselves, but if you are still unsure, then wait until they are 16+ to have full control of their choices on social media. And if you, as a parent think they are going down a dark path, inform them accordingly, and try to stop such behavior.

But in the end, the parents decide what’s right and what’s wrong, if the parent is bad then the child will follow their lead. The only way to make a good person is for the parents to be good as well. So, if any parent is reading this, try to be the best version of yourself around your child and give them the life any human deserves.

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