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What Music Does Gen Z Listen To?

What Music Does Gen Z Listen To?

As we all know, us youngsters, love music. Music is what makes the parties fun. And in this month’s edition, we’re going to cover what music    Gen Z listens to, as of right now.

On a global scale, the most popular genre is pop. Most popular pop singers are: Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, the Weekend, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion and many others. Some of the most popular pop bands are The Neighbourhood, Arctic Monkeys and Chase Atlantic.

Techno music is also very popular for parties. Famous techno artists are: Tiesto, Shouse, ZHU, Amelie Lens, Charlotte de Witte and many many others.

Now, we can all agree that Balkan parties are a little different than the rest. Here, our generation likes to listen to, well, everything. We mostly listen to Serbian songs and artists, regardless of the genre.


Sometimes you’ll find yourself listening to Jala Brat and Buba Corelli, as well as Senidah, Nucci, Relja, Klinac which are in the ‘’pop’’ section of Balkan music. Other times you’ll find yourself listening to Ceca, Parni Valjak, Aca Lukas and other folk singers. And yes, we listen to folk music at parties. There’s no shame in it.

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