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Have you ever wondered who the Ancient Maya people were?

Would you like to explore their ancient cities?

WELCOME onboard one of the most exciting and adventurous virtual excursions to one of the most mysterious places on Earth – Yukatan, the land of the ancient Mayan civilization.

This VR tour offers you a magnificent 360-degree view of some of the most famous landmarks of the Mayan culture in Tikal, Chichen Itza, and other archeological sites.

Learn about the Mayan sacred game and their beliefs, and find out some interesting facts about the Mayan calendar.

There are hidden ‘traps’ in this virtual tour, with some puzzles to solve and some ancient Mayan glyphs to decode in order to ESCAPE THE BALLGAME COURT and ESCAPE THE MAYAN TEMPLE.

Designed for students aged 12+.


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