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This virtual excursion offers you an opportunity to learn more about the cultural heritage of Great Britain, as well as to improve your English language skills through online discussions and quizzes related to the sites you will visit.


The VR Tour includes the following sites:

Westminster Abbey – the church where the British monarchs are coronated.

The Houses of Parliament – located at Westminster Palace at the bank of the River Thames next to the Big Ben.

The Buckingham Palace – the Royal Family’s residence.

Piccadilly Circus – the most famous gathering spot for the young people.

The British Museum – a virtual visit to one of the most famous museums in the world.

The Globe Theatre  – a virtual visit of Shakespeare’s theatre.

The University of Oxford – a visit to one of the oldest libraries in the world – the inspiration for the famous Hogwarts from Harry Potter series.

Stonehenge – explore one of the most fascinating ancient observatories in the world.

Hadrian’s Wall – walk along the ruins of the wall that once divided England and Scotland.

Loch Ness – a visit to the famous Scottish lake, home to the legendary ‘Loch Ness monster’.

This VR Tour is designed for students aged 12+.


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