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Today’s children are putting away real toys and moving towards electronic games.

They become almost addicted to screens of tablets, mobile phones or devices for games such as XBOX or PLAYSTATION.

It’s like replacing “reality” with virtual spaces!

Gaming Forums are online platforms where gamers can discuss and share information about their favorite games.

The hours children spend on the computer and the goals of those games are two factors that negatively affect you, often parents don’t respect age limits on different toys and while a game has an age of 12 and up, a mother might buy it for her 8 year old son, the violent moments cause bad behavior in children later on!

A two year British study of 600 teenagers found that those who played electronic games less than once a week had better grades in school than those who played twice a day or more.

Mark Starkey, long-time owner of a computer games store in London, says there are differences between old and new games:

“Today we have more extended, more detailed and complicated games that attract more children’s attention because the game pulls you from one level to another and is very long. The games increase children’s curiosity about what will happen in the next level. whereas older games challenge hand-eye coordination, speed and timing, reaction rather than imagination.”

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