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Teacher’s Influence On Students

Teacher’s Influence on Students

Teachers provide the power of education. Although not all of them know how to do it the healthy way, they still somehow end up motivating the students to work harder. The teacher’s role is creating meaningful learning experiences and inspiring learners – not just leaving them unguided. I would like to recommend researching learning strategies and games to the teachers and professors out there who need help motivating their students. There are many games exclusively used for learning and practice.


A class playing Kahoot – (one of the many learning games).

Unfortunately, most of today’s teachers don’t actually care about the way students develop the material they give them – as long as they know it. Some of them don’t understand that fun learning games and activities can actually be healthy for the students. I call those teachers “old school”. Even though I fully support strict teachers and their ways of lecturing the class, I also think they should dedicate a few minutes of the class to activities. Some fun learning games are Kahoot!, Quizlet, GeoGuessr, Quizizz and many more to explore…

As for the many learning games – the best one would probably be Kahoot!. It’s an application where you can make your own quizzes and tests for yourself and everyone else you invite. You can also join someone else’s quiz and play together. While Quizlet and Quizizz are pretty much alike. GeoGuessr is a geography game, in which you are dropped somewhere in the world in a street view panorama and you have to find clues so you can guess your location on the world map. That’s why it’s called GeoGuessr – you have to guess your location.

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