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Tokyo, A World Leader In Innovation

Tokyo, a World Leader in Innovation

Tokyo is famed for being one of the most advanced cities in the world. This city is a superpower in smartphone technology, robotics, and automobiles.

The city is keeping up with modern trends by investing in an emerging startup scene full of young brainiacs with big ideas.

Tokyo was the first Asian city to be named the world’s most innovative city in 2018 in the 11th annual Innovation Cities Index.


Best 3 highly advanced technology places to visit in Tokyo, Japan.

●    Akihabara Electric Town

●    Shinjuku

●    Odaiba

Akihabara Electric Town

Known as the ‘Town of Otaku’ and Tokyo’s mecca for geeks, Akihabara is a hub of anime and video game culture.

Just walking around this district, you’ll be drawn into so many little shops selling figurines, comics, manga, vintage games and every other fandom item you could ever dream of.

You can take a trip to Super Potato, a three-floor behemoth devoted to selling everything in the history of gaming, is essential. There you can find games, consoles, clothing and other paraphernalia covering everything from NES to today’s gaming.

Do you love anime? If you do, here is a place to visit. The Tokyo Anime Centre is a great place to go to check out exhibitions on various popular anime series.


One of the busier areas of Tokyo, a visit to the Godzilla Road is well worth your time. There is a Godzilla themed hotel, which is topped with a life-size Godzilla head.

A trip to the Robot Restaurant will see you enjoying a weird and wonderful bonanza of robot-based entertainment.

You can also visit Yodobashi Camera, one of the country’s largest electronic shops. And don’t let the name fool you – Yodobashi has so much more than cameras!



Odaiba is a man-made island in Tokyo Bay with plenty to offer tech geeks.

For fans of the series Gundam, the island features a 60 feet tall RX-0 Unicorn statue at Diver City Tokyo Plaza, which performs shows throughout the day.

Another popular thing to do in Japan is a visit to the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. It offers visitors the chance to meet ‘Asimo’, Honda’s robotic humanoid that does daily exhibitions.

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