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Mental Health Is Important!

Mental Health Is Important!

Mental health is a sensitive yet important topic among people, no matter what age they are, because a lot of people suffer from mental health issues and for some it’s very hard to express themselves, this can lead to many things going wrong, or getting worse, but in the same time opening up can be very hard and in order to have a deep talk with someone a lot of trust has to be built with that person.

Some people might find mental health as a non-important topic, but in my opinion, it has to be talked about more, people are losing lives and this is not a joke or as some would say “doing it for attention”, I don’t think anyone would harm themselves for attention. Self-harm could be done in many different ways and we should avoid it because it could become addictive.

Some people might find it hard believing they are loved or cared for, this might be caused from childhood trauma they had, or some kind of neglect ion, and no matter how many times you tell them they are impotent they still feel like a burden to people. This could lead to suicide, a lot of people want to escape this life in hopes that they won’t feel any type of pain anymore, however there is always hope and we should never lose it.

Life has its stories we shouldn’t stress about the bad memories of the past, yes bad things happen but shouldn’t we enjoy the moment we are in instead of the bad times in the past? Everything in this life has a meaning, it has a reason to be here just like people, everyone is special. Some people don’t want to be here, they don’t think they’re worth it, but what they don’t realize is that without them, something won’t feel the same for someone, because they might not realise that they are important to a certain person. Sometimes you have to view life from a different type of view, its ok to make mistakes, but it’s never ok to feel like we are the mistake itself. Life brings its challenges, they may be hard but they are called challenges after all, giving up will only cause more pain, feeling down is a normal thing everyone can feel down, sad, not good enough but everything has its own worth and humans have so many specialties.

In order to help ourselves feel better we can try doing new things, I know that it is hard when you are dealing with depression, anxiety, ADHD, and many more, but we need to at least do little things at a time so we can improve.

Here are some things to try to do when feeling down: drawing, doing yoga, or cooking something you like to eat.

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