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Cyberbullying And How To Prevent It

Cyberbullying and How to Prevent It

Cyberbullying is a form of bullying using electronics or the internet, mostly used by teenagers. It can be really harmful for the victims experiencing the bullying. The cyberbullying is mostly done on social media sites. For some, cyberbullying can be extremely harmful because of the fact that they take the bullying personally. For others, it cannot cause any trouble.

Ways to prevent cyberbullying:

  • Try to go away from comment sections of any sort of posts on social Keeping yourself away and not commenting on others’ opinions won’t get you cyberbullied.
  • Do not say anything bad for the people you are chatting with. Calling them out or any other sorts of curse words can start an argument which can lead to you getting cyberbullied.
  • Just get over it. Get over someone saying bad stuff about you on the internet and get along with the fact that it is just a set of words on a digital display and has nothing to do with your personal life and lifestyle.

We made a school survey asking the students of their personal opinion on cyberbullying.

The people that we interviewed said that it does not harm them as much as it harms other people who end up ending their lives just because of a bad word that was said to them. We also stated the fact that it does not affect the ones who don’t use the internet for that kind of stuff.

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