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Being A Freshman Student

Being a Freshman Student

Every person in this world goes through these spheres of life, school life for everyone is the best, changing a chapter from primary school to high school for everyone is a new thing, during these times of years you meet new people you make new friendships with different personalities but everyone says that this time of life is the best.

Being a freshman, they say is the hardest but in my experience it’s not that hard, besides it I am having so much fun! First thinking of changing school, changing the friendships that you created is hard to accept but then you start to like the new school and you start to be comfortable in a new circle of people! Everything changes, you meet new people from different places that have different ways of thinking but you start accepting their opinions!

I don’t want to talk about my own experience that’s why I interviewed some of the freshman students that will tell us how they felt firstly and how is their high school life going so far!

Hello, my name is Amela Sali, I am 14 years old and for high school I chose gymnasium of Tetovo, since primary school I have been an active student with different projects! New school life it looks good to me but hard, there are too many changes, the class, the teachers, we have more lessons but something that didn’t change to me but it gained more strength it’s the close friendship!

Even that in the new school I made new friends but always the strongest is the friendship of 5 girls that now 10 years we are together, not even high school and nothing separated us until now and I hope this friendship won’t end till the end of our lives. Lessons in the new school are shown in a more professional way, lessons are harder and more detailed! I congratulate you for this online magazine and for the amazing work that you do, I wish luck to you Fatime and to the magazines staff and I hope you will get the success you deserve!


Hello, my name is Donat Dehari, I continued high school at “Kirili Pejcinovic” Tetovo, the change from primary school to high school was a good change for me, at first I was stressed because I didn’t know if I would like the new school, but in fact, it was much better than I imagined, until today I had a great time with my new friends at the new school. Regardless of lessons, high school learnings are more difficult and the teachers demand more and we are busier, but I think that this work will be good for is in the future!

I wanted to say that “Pegasus Student Voice” magazine is such a good opportunity to build the tomorrow we want by spreading the real opinions of teens.                                                                                                                                        Donat.D

Hii! I’am Bulza Adili, I’am 15 years old, I am in the freshman year in gymnasium of Tetovo.            For choosing this school at first I was in doubt but in end I choose gymnasium because I like mathematics and physics and this was suitable for me, also my parents were in gymnasium so I wanted to follow their path. First entering a new school made me nervous, there were too many questions, who will be my new classmates? , who will be my teachers?, how will the society accept me ? etc..  I really miss my old classmates because they were like a family to me but life moves on, honestly both of my classes are great. Now I am very satisfied with my new classmates and I think we will do great things in the future! I would really like to say that it doesn’t cost you anything to be nice, so spread positivity and never give up!                                                                                                                        Bulza.A



I think that before high school everything was different you could see your friends change but now you meet people that are old enough! In primary school we stayed with a small group of friends that we knew each other, but now we have people that come from different places of the city that are new to us.                                                                                                                                                                  In primary school everything was easier, I think that in primary school  we were getting bases or ideas of how things work but in high school everything is different we make things work!                                                                                                                                                    I really like the way “Pegasus Student Voice” magazine works so just go on and never give up on this amazing thing!


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