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Ways To Make Learning Fun For Students

Ways to Make Learning Fun for Students

We all know that learning is a hassle for most of us, and it’s seen more like a chore than as an opportunity to learn something new.

So, in an effort to make it more fun (or more bearable I should say), I’ve made this list so teachers can take notes and we can all become more productive:

– Encouraging creative learning and group projects where the students aren’t restricted to certain criteria;

– Incorporating games also helps, because we tend to memorize things more easily if we had fun while learning them;

– Let the students use their phones to research during class instead of making them go through the book to find only one piece of information. This will help with managing the limited time each class has;

– Having a charismatic teacher also makes the student want to engage more in their class, rather than having an old-school, always-goes-by-the-book kind of teacher;

– Having stress free and optional homework for extra credit can help with improving the overall productivity of a student, since they know they aren’t being forced to do it, but it’ll help with their grade if they do;

– Make the classroom look vibrant and not monotone. This can help bring up the overall vibe of the classroom;

– Have motivational quotes on the walls to inspire students

All of the things that I’ve mentioned are present at Pegasus ELS, and rather than seeing it as a school, I see it more as a place to hang out with classmates because of the way learning is portrayed here.

I really want the regular public schools to make it like it is here, so we can all be educated, but also have fun doing it!

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