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Girl’s Space

Girl’s Space

To live as a woman momentarily is so hard, so we have to empower women in the world by telling how valuable they are and how they have to be independent, just for that as a fifteen-year-old girl I created the website named “girl’s space”.

This page is all about girls, about girl problems, about how girls are treated by society, about the prejudgments that girls get from the community. But everything is created for women who have dreams and work hard to achieve success in their lives.


-We promote each other’s values ​​so I invite you if you want to show a certain topic on this site or show your talent (whatever it is) to participate in the “girl’s space” community just send an email to and everything will be posted, you can freely contact me even on the instagram named @spacefor.girls !

Even summer holidays are here, how are you going to spend the holidays ? if you ask me, I will be working for this site hoping to raise this community of girls supporting girls, I invite you with my whole pleasure  to be a part of this !

And here is the link that gets you to the site

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