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The Wonderful World Of Pegasus

The Wonderful World of Pegasus

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Achieve you dreams and life goals by speaking English in the most fluent way by learning at the most amazing English course, Pegasus ELS – Tetovo, Macedonia.

The way of learning the English Language in this school is unexplained. You are not learning the language the old way like we do at school, you are doing so much more. At Pegasus you can learn so much by just playing games, at the point where you think you are just having fun. There are activities like virtual explorations of Spain, Mexico, the USA, Japan, Macedonia, ancient Egypt, Russia, Britain. But don’t worry, there are also real trips like visiting interesting places in Tetovo and Skopje.

That is the way that Pegasus ELS teaches the English language. They chose the digital way of teaching because it is a combination of skills that are most required for educational purposes, for employment as well. This approach can help student achieve so much these days.

It’s not just that teachers have chosen the digital approach, but also students love and are interested in being able to produce contents in English, using digital tools like web design, blogs, video editing etc. And digital learning also helps to give students self-confidence while using digital skills.

At Pegasus, there is a programme called Digital Literacy for EFL Students where teachers help students develop their digital skills and learn how to use English effectively in the digital world. This is a really nice combined approach using an ICT teacher and an English teacher, in order to enable students to develop these skills.

Pegasus ELS is a really successful school of English. They were two times finalists at the British Council’s ELTons Innovation Awards in 2017 and 2021. One of the 100 most inspiring innovations for HundrED’s 2019 Collection, and also recognized as an exemplary paperless school by Edmodo in alignment with the UN SDGs.

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