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What’s New For Pegasus Student Voice

What’s New for Pegasus Student Voice

Since its creation this magazine has accomplished a lot. And in these last few months there have been some good changes regarding new marketing ideas, a new editor and much more. Stick around to find out.

1. New editor
First off let me start with welcoming and wishing good luck to our brand new editor, Romana. I have no doubt that with her new position this magazine will become much more popular. In an interview I conducted with her, she had this to say about her new role as an editor: “I feel honored. While it is a lot of responsibility, I love being an editor and I love everything that comes with it”
Ever since she has obtained the position she has been reaching out to all of the magazine’s journalists , making sure if they need any help with their articles and along with the teachers gives everyone a fantastic working environment. She has been doing a fantastic job and surely she will continue to do so.

2. Marketing ideas
Pegasus Student Voice is trying to go on another level, these past few months there have been a lot of discussions about new marketing ideas. Regarding this topic our editor had this to say: “We realized that the best option to promote our magazine is to bring more awareness to it by using the power of social media. This is our brief idea and the rest will be left for you to find out.”

3. The future of Pegasus Student voice
It’s clear that this magazine is going to go a long way, but how exactly? Well we also interviewed head teacher Pero and he stated: “Our future plans are to develop a strong marketing strategy, engaging students’ creative potentials, in order to make a significant impact by enhancing student voice in relation to topics of their interests. This year we have a student editor, and we plan to develop a media promotion team, as well as a designers’ team, all made up of students. We believe that in this way we are helping young people increase their visibility in the dynamic world we live in.”
Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about these new fantastic changes, and believe me when I say this is only the beginning.

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