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From Homework To High Hopes

From Homework to High Hopes

Since “The World in Your Hands” is my topic for this article, I decided to do some research and interview some of my friends (9th graders, born in 2009) about their “Future Forecast” in the following decade. Firstly, I want to thank them all for having  a super positive energy while answering my questions and for being open-minded to share their personal goals (that I pray one day they reach).

When I started writing my questions I realized that there are three main points to think of when you open the door for your future. I asked each of my friends the following questions:

1. What are the choices you think you are going to make in your education and career within the next 10 years?

This was my first point based on knowing how much we struggle to pick a school which is the most suitable for us to continue our education and to find our future profession or beyond those to look for a way that leads us being independent one day when we are fully grown up.

2. What will your relationships and connections be like in the coming years, do you think by then you will create your own family and will you maintain your closeness with your friends and relatives even then?

Relationships are my second point. During those ten years I know we will meet new people, we are going to create new connections with them, they’ll be a part of our memories and our future will be determined by their efforts.

Also, ten years from now means that we are grown ups, our life can be completely different from now, we could get married, could have kids, etc.

3. What dreams do you want to fulfill by then, what will be the perfect life situation for you?

My third question refers to the fact that every human being has dreams, we have wishes, we want things, we work hard to reach them and still create new and “better” ones to make ourselves feel fulfilled and happy. It can be dreams like: traveling the world, building or buying a new home, a new car or meeting your idol, getting rich, making someone proud, etc.

Now that you know my questions, you can continue reading their lovely answers:

  • Ajana S. (a friend from my class)

Ajana wants to continue high school in the medical field because it’s required by her parents, and she wants to fulfill their wishes. While at university, she’d like to study something like architecture or design because these are the fields where she finds herself. If possible, she’d like to pursue her studies abroad.

Ajana doesn’t believe she will get married before finishing her studies. But she wouldn’t like to live at her parents house, she would like to live out of the country with her favorite cousin.

And about her dreams, she said that she wants to travel to: Italy (Rome), France (Paris) and Brazil. She also plans to live abroad and likes to be a higher level person. She wants to buy a car like: BMW or G Class.


  • Isra I. (my best friend)

Isra wants to join a private high school, her parents support her in this decision and after high school she would like to study business or similar fields in her high education years. She hopes that she’ll find a job after she finishes her studying and she doesn’t want to leave this country, she wants to contribute here.

Isra doesn’t think she’ll be married at 24, but maybe she’ll be in a relationship.

Isra wants to visit Canada, North America and Alaska. She wants to be a good driver and buy her own car. During those years Isra would like to meet some of her favorite and famous people like: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.


  • Elina A. (a friend from the other class)

Elina wants to study dentistry in high school; she desires to pursue her university education abroad. Perhaps at the age of 24, she will be engaged but not married; she would prefer to live with her parents until she gets married. Her dreams include visiting several countries such as Finland and France. She wants to obtain a driver’s license and live abroad after her marriage.


  • Amar I. (a boy from my class)

Amari has not yet chosen the school he wants to continue, but he thinks to pursue programming. He has no desire to continue higher education but wants to start a business with a trustworthy friend. He said he believes that after 10 years, he will be married and may have children. He wants to work for his own family. The places he wants to visit are Monaco and anywhere he has the opportunity, he also mentioned he would like to go on Hajj (an Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, muslims must carry out at least once in their lifetime, if they are financially and physically capable of undertaking the journey).


  • Viola R. (a friend from my class)

Viola plans to continue her education in a private school, while she hopes to pursue her university studies abroad in the field of justice. She wants to maintain strong relationships with her friends and family, just like now. Perhaps she will be engaged when she turns 24, but she still wants to live with her parents. Viola wants to make her parents proud and live contributing to our society. The places she would like to visit within these years are Barcelona (the stadium), the Great Wall of China, Rio de Janeiro, etc.


  • Esra T. (a friend from my class)

Esra wants to continue her education in either medicine or business; she said she would like to complete two degrees. She thinks she will be engaged but not married by then, and during this time, she will live with her parents. She said she wants to visit places like Monaco, Italy, Barcelona, the continent of Asia. She wants to drive a car like a BMW M8 and she’d like to live here in our country.


As we conclude these insightful interviews, it’s evident that each individual has unique dreams and ambitions for the next decade. From pursuing higher education to starting businesses, building strong relationships with family and friends, and embarking on adventures around the world, their aspirations paint a vibrant picture of the future. We eagerly await to see how their journeys unfold and wish them all the success in achieving their dreams.

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